Alberto Sendra and Fernanda Japas

Thank You Alberto and Fernanda for your workshops and performances. Everyone at Theatre Dance enjoyed the lessons so much and we appreciate all you have done for us.

In 1999, Alberto Sendra and Fernanda Japas began a joint career that continues today, being one of the longest-standing Argentine couples dancing together in the tango circle. In combination with a style of tango salon influenced by the new dance currents and without losing the essence of the golden age of tango, they exhibit their art in the most recognized places in the tango circuit of Buenos Aires: Sal√≥n Canning (Parakultural) , Club de Independencia, Club Gricel, Sunderland, La Ideal, La Garufa, Glorias Argentinas and El Beso, among others. In 2013 they established their own tango academy in Buenos Aires, “ALFER Espacio de Arte”, where they give group and private tango classes. In addition to their work based in Buenos Aires, they have made a successful career in Europe (2012, 2013 and 2014), Asia (Bangkok 2013) and participated as first dancers in the Saigon Tango Festival in the city of Ho Chi Min (Vietnam 2013). His participation in the Festival of Argentine Tango in Bonifacio (Corsica Bonifacio 2013-2014), the MiTango Festival in Milan (Italy), and in several shows and workshops in Paris, Toulouse, Saint Girons and Holland (2012 2013 and 2014) was highlighted. ). During April / May and September / October 2015 and 2016, the University of Calgary invited them to teach the Argentine tango as part of the cultural extension workshops at the University Ballroom of the same university; the first year with workshops for beginners and then workshops for beginners and intermediates. In 2016, they were observers of the tango festival and world of Buenos Aires. Further, They have participated in that same festival for several years as teachers. They have worked for Habitat for Humanity Argentina, doing shows for volunteers from different countries. In 2017, they continue with their studio “Alfer Espacio de Arte”. They give classes at Club Gricel and prepare for a new tour around Europe (Holland, Italy, France).